Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Republicrat Arlen Gets His Just Due

In my opinion, the beginning of the end for Arlen Specter was his stupidity at one of last year's health care town hall meetings:

After he got ripped into by an angry and lied-to attendee, the idiot Specter proclaimed that "we've just had a demonstration of Democracy." Well, for Arlen, last night's losing result, too, was another, but more perfect, demonstration of Democracy. One that almost every Republican found exceedingly pleasing for this former RINO (Republican In Name Only). His switching parties was for the sole purpose of keeping his job, and he got his comeuppance by being voted out of office by the very people that he originally thought would save him. Poor Arlen was too stupid to understand a basic principal of American politics: Democrats typically vote for Democrats; and, Republicans for Republicans. And, neither party wants a half-whatever Republicrat representing them in Washington.

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