Friday, May 21, 2010

PA 12: A Democratic Victory?

A lot is being made of the fact that a Democrat, Mark Critz, was able to hold the seat that had been formerly held by John Murtha in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. On the left, they specifically see this win as an indication that maybe, just maybe, it won't be a blood-bath in the Fall for the Democrats.

But, in reality, Mark Critz was a Democrat who ran as a Republican and completely divorced himself from the policies of the Washington Democrats and Obama. He's called for lower taxes and cost cutting. He said he would not have voted for ObamaCare and said that he won't vote for Cap and Trade. He's another one of those rare animals: A Pro-Life Democrat. Finally, he also believes in the Second Amendment Right to bear arms. So, in essence, the 2 to 1, registered Democrats over Republicans voters of PA's 12th, voted in a DINO (A Democrat in Name Only). To me, that hardly spells a win for the Democrats in Pennsylvania's 12th and, some how, the avoidance of a landslide loss in the Fall elections. Mark Critz simply won by being Anti-Obama and the Democrats are in denial if they can't see this.

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