Sunday, May 23, 2010

Idiot Diplomacy

From this:

Note: This video is only available in Spanish and just the first 17 seconds are pertinent to this blog entry. No "English version" of this video was available to show the interactions between Obama and this left-wing South American leader before the start of the actual press appearance. For some reason, that interaction was specifically not shown by our mainstream American press. I wonder why?

To this:

Apparently, Obama doesn't seem to understand who this country's real friends are. While he was yucking it up with Brazil's President Lula (top video), that same leader of Brazil, along with Turkey, were busily working closely with Iran on a nuclear exchange program that, spiced-up with some key trade agreements (Click to See Full Story: Iran seeks to boost Brazil trade as sanctions loom), would absolutely weaken any chances to impose effective sanctions on Iran to stop their pursuit of "the bomb" (the bottom video). We've just been screwed, blued, and Lula-lued over Iran. And, too, Turkey easily made us look like the world's diplomatic "turkey" over Iran.

A year and a half of holding his dumb hand out to Iran and kissing up to the left-wing, socialist behind of Lula and now this. Good going Barack! You've really got a handle on things. For sure, Iran will get their bomb now! But, maybe that's what he wanted all along. It's obvious. He had a lovely little press conference with Lula in the top video and then had no such conference with the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, when he visited (Click to See Full Story: Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner'). Why Obama received so much of the Jewish vote just amazes me.

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