Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Real Life Test Case On The Arizona Immigration Law

If you listen to the detractors of the pending, new Arizona law on immigration, they are saying it will unjustly subject Hispanics to racial profiling. But, what if there was a test case of that law that was already in existence? Then, would we be able to judge if racial profiling was a problem.

Well, guess what? Prince William County in Virginia has an almost identical law to that of Arizona and it has been in effect for the last three years (Click here to See Story: Three year old law in Virginia targets illegal immigrants much like Arizona's SB 1070).

Further, the University of Virginia was been contracted by the police department of Prince William to conduct a series of reports as to the effectiveness and problems associated with that law. The first report, an Interim Report, was issued just last year (Click here to See Report: Evaluation Study of Prince William County Police Illegal Immigration Enforcement Policy INTERIM REPORT 2009 ).

While the report is not that sure of all the downsides and benefits of the law, it specifically reinforces the fact that "racial profiling" has not been a problem since implementation. In fact, no lawsuits have yet to be brought against the county or any police officer for having arrested anyone under the stipulations of the law. The report clearly states:
According to PWCPD data, almost all persons (98%) suspected of being illegal immigrants by officers have turned out to be illegal immigrants, which suggests that police are focusing their enforcement efforts on the proper people. Further, officers have been able to maintain their focus on enforcing the policy with immigrants who commit crimes, with no known cases of officers inappropriately applying the policy.
I know, as of this morning, Obama and his highly political Justice Department led by Eric Holder are now prepared to block the implementation of the Arizona law. One has to really ask themselves: If the law in Arizona is the same as the one in Prince William County, where has the Justice Department been all this time with regard to blocking it in that Virginia county. Simply, it just shows that Obama is again using political theater to secure votes and specifically not do what is right for Arizona; or, for that mater, America!

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