Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Expose' on the Exaggerations of Saved/Created Jobs

Over the last 4 to 5 weeks, various news groups and agencies have run articles that have exposed the fact that any positive results of the Obama Stimulus Package are being exaggerated. For example there is the supposed claim that 600,000 jobs have been saved or created. Some of the news stories that have targeted the "stimulus lies" have appeared in the following: Associated Press , New York Times, Chicago Tribune , and the Sacramento Bee. Now, the Boston Globe has jumped into the mix with their own expose' . Many of these news media groups are decidedly left-leaning in their reporting, so, I would find it hard to believe that they're being anything but honest. At least this time!

What all these stories do is prove that the Obama Administration's claim of creating and saving 600,000 jobs is blatantly false. And, the problem lies in three camps.

First, Team Obama is willing to accept what they "have to know" as being faulty numbers because it makes them look better. The ridiculousness of some of these claims is that there are more jobs being claimed as either saved or created than the total people that reporting entity actually employs.

Secondly, the reporting entities that are most consistently fudging their numbers could be easily said to be pro-Obama. It is interesting that most of the phony reports are coming out of the education system, and we all know that the vastly liberal educators of this country were big Obama supporters.

Lastly, there are many temporary workers whose jobs are being claimed as "saved".

I find it interesting that we are getting reports like this from the left-leaning media. It shows that there are finally some cracks showing in "The Slobbering Love Affair" (to steal from the title of Bernie Goldberg's best selling book). But, more importantly, it shows that we just can't trust the O-man and what he and his team are pushing out the door in order to keep selling his left-wing agenda. I don't know how there can be any public trust with the false numbers we are getting from this Administration.

Update: After writing this, Obama came out with a new and even more exaggerated number of 1 million jobs saved and created.

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