Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Planet Is Now Doomed!

On October 20th, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declared that the world only had 50 days left to save itself from a complete catastrophe if carbon dioxide output and global warming weren't curtailed (Click to See Full Story: Brown: Fifty days to save the world ). In making this "50 day" statement, he was referring to the climate change summit that would be held in Copenhagen in December.

Well, I guess we're all doomed. Last Sunday it was reported that Obama and other world leaders have decided to put saving the planet on the back burner for now (Click to See Full Story: World leaders back delay to final climate deal ).

I think we should all assume a fetal position and just wait for either H1N1, the 2012 end of the world, the recession, or global warming to kill us! I can't remember any time in the history of mankind when our society was so completely in danger of extinction. And, remember, when they're throwing dirt on your coffin -- if there is anyone left to throw dirt on it -- it was Gordon Brown that warned us all! God save the Queen!

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