Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Nancy! Hey Harry! Hey Barack! Did you finally get the message?

For months, congressional Democrats have completely ignored their own tanking poll numbers. They also seem oblivious to Obama's dramatic fall in his own personal polls. Yet, they press on with their left wing agenda.

When respondents to specific poll questions consistently put the economy, jobs, the deficit, and taxes well ahead of health care and global warming, the team of Pelosi, Reid and Obama easily slough that off and blindly continue to press on with their reform of Health Care and the implementation of Cap and Trade. Then, they come up with bogus "created and saved" jobs numbers to try and convince the public that their failed stimulus plan is working. As if this will somehow smooth over the public's concerns that Obama's economic policies aren't working.

On top of all of that, they further ignore the rebellious tea parties and town halls.

Well, maybe. Just maybe. Last night might have finally sent the message they needed to hear to tell them that they aren't doing the people's business.

The shellacking that they got in Virginia and New Jersey should have put the fear of God in the Democrats. It was truly a wake up call for them to reverse their direction and to press on with real solutions to the economic problems of this country and to stop messing around with mega-paged health care reform and punitive Cap and Trade.

In Virginia, the Republican victory wasn't just a little squeaker, it was a trouncing. Bob McDonnell, the new Governor-elect, won by nearly 20 points. And, the secondary and tertiary wins for the Republican Lt. Governor and the Republican Attorney General were also by double digits.

In New Jersey, the win by the Republican, Christie, was even more awesome. In what is typically a blue state, Christie won by 5 percentage points in what, at best, should have only been a 1 or 2 percent win. This was a particular slam on Obama who had campaigned there 6 times to save Corzine's bacon. But, just like the Olympics failure, the star power that Obama seems to think he has just fell completely flat when the final vote came in.

I am sure that there are a lot of Democrats who are feeling quite nervous this morning. They should be. They should be quite nervous about their own jobs. If there had been a lot of trust in Obama's policies and direction of the country, the Democrats would have easily won last night in Virginia and New Jersey. But, there isn't and the results proved that.

I think three things will come out of last night's drubbing by the Republicans. First, I think that Obama's numbers will fall even faster because those who were marginally hanging on to Obama will finally give up. Second, the Blue Dog Democrats and those Democrats who are up for a tough re-election fight in 2010 will give up on Cap and Trade and on Health Care reform legislation. I think both those programs lost a lot of support with last night's losses. Finally, last night's win might presage another sweep by the Republicans in 2010.

One last comment about New York's 23rd District race where the Democrat won. The Democrats will point to this as a significant event because this little area of New York has always been Republican; at least since the Civil War. But, the win last night wasn't so much pro-Democrat as it was anti-Republican and a revolt against the Republican leadership's own stupidity in making Scozzafava their candidate. Even though Hoffman, the Conservative candidate, was more Republican than Scozzafava, the voters, in general, were just not going to vote for a third-party candidate. Additionally, Hoffman isn't nearly the dynamic candidate that was needed for a win. In fact, I heard him laughingly referred to as a timid and geeky bookkeeper; and, if you heard him speak, that image was true to form. All in all, the Republicans just made a mess out of the 23rd District. They have no one to blame but themselves.

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