Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Obama, Everything Is a Rush Except Afganistan

This week, the O-man told the nation that he wasn't going to make a hasty decision on Afghanistan because he is "bent on getting this right" (Click to See Full Story: "Obama: Decision soon on troops for Afghanistan").

Isn't that interesting? What about everything else that has been done by the President this last 10 months? Almost all of which had to be done immediately! And, most of which have had or will have a greater impact on the nation as a whole than Afghanistan. By implication, is he now admitting that he didn't get those other things right?

It appears that Obama has no problems about pushing trillion dollar agendas such as the Stimulus Package, Cap and Trade, and Health Care Reform on a hurried basis. Or, making his left-wing base happy by immediately declaring that Guantanamo Bay will be closed in a year; no ifs, ands, or buts! But, when it comes to a decision that might seriously annoy his left-wing anti-war base, such as the War in Afghanistan, he wants to get it right.

On Afghanistan, Obama really wants to get out. He only made Afghanistan a big issue during the campaign because he wanted to "use it" as a means to minimize G. W. Bush and John McCain over the other war in Iraq. In the campaign, he wanted to make Afghanistan seem like the good war; the war worth winning. But, in reality, he always was, and still is, an anti-war lefty. So, now he is stuck in the middle of a bad campaign promise to win in Afghanistan while he and his supporters have an extreme desire to just get out of Afghanistan and give the country back to the Taliban. When he talks of "getting this right" he is actually talking about making sure that his far-left political support is not jeopardized. It has nothing to do with Afghanistan, our troops, or this country! Otherwise, he would have his decision already!

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