Saturday, November 14, 2009

For Obama, KSM Is Simply Collateral To Going After Bush And His Administration

This decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and four other 9/11 suspects in a Federal criminal court in New York is just ridiculous.

These people aren't like bank robbers or typical criminals that would be convicted by a jury trial in America. The manner of evidence collection against these people is completely different than that in a typical CSI-type investigation. Much of what was done was through highly sensitive and secret means and should not be exposed to the light of day in a Federal court. Also, because of the manner of arrest, the chain of custody of evidence, and interrogation techniques, its highly possible that much of the evidence against them could be thrown out of court. KSM's Miranda rights and the violation of them is one glaring example. The issue of when he was allowed to have access to an attorney could play a big part in whether or not any confessions on his part are even admissible. For that reason, there is an extreme risk that a mistrial could be declared, and that all or some of these 9/11 perpetrators could be set free. And, with enough evidence found not to inadmissible, these people could easily be found to be not guilty.

Even our own domestic court system understands that certain cases require specialized treatment. That's why we have criminal cases tried in a criminal court system. The disposition of children is handled in a Family Court environment. We also have Civil, Traffice and Divorce court settings for those specialized types of trials. This is why a specialized environment like a Military Tribunal is more appropriate for the kind of trial involving the 9/11 suspects. These courts have the means to handle the sensitive top secret evidence collection and are not all bound up with issues of civil and criminal issues like Miranda rights.

Like everything else, Obama is playing to his lefty base. He knows that by trying these cases in an open Federal court, the Bush Administration will be under trial. That, to him, is more important than if KSM and his collaborators go free. Obama is the consummate politician who is hell bent on using the power of his office to discredit the opposing political party. He doesn't care if the United States gets marginalized in that process. That is what complete ideologues do!

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