Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Made-Up Science of Global Warming

Last Sunday, I wrote a posting to this blog that, I think, exposed how inaccurate the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been in projecting temperature changes over the last 17 years. But more than that, I pointed to the fact that it appears the IPCC intentionally ignored climatological data measurements that showed cooler temperatures; and, instead, matched their data with the higher temperature readings from the GIS's (Geographic Information Systems) method of temperature monitoring. That to me is dishonest.

Now it appears that there may have been a lot of dishonesty in the IPCC's work.

In what is quickly becoming known as Climate Gate, numerous hacked-into and stolen emails from IPCC scientists are reflecting the fact that there may have been a concerted effort to distort global warming data for what can only be assumed to be political and not scientific reasons. One of the better opinion pieces on this topic was written by James Delingpole in his article for the U.K. Telegraph: Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I have been extremely skeptical about the this whole connection of mankind's production of CO2 to global warming. A lot of the science made no sense at all. Much of the work being done by the global warming alarmists was being done on a "cherry picked" basis. They would release information to the world-wide media that showed losses of ice masses in someplace like Greenland; and, then, completely ignore the offsetting expansion of ice in two-thirds of Antarctica. They would point to one geographical region were the polar bear populations are down and then claim that global warming was killing them off. But, this completely ignores the fact that the polar bear populations, world wide, are almost 5 times greater than they were in the 1960's due to conservation of both their populations and their food sources; like the harp seal. As I have pointed out, the loss of rain forests have been more than offset by mankind's greening of the former desert areas of the world like the desert southwest areas of this country and the Middle East and Africa.

Al Gore and those of his ilk have been, at best, exaggerators of global warming. Personally, I believe them to be pure liars who have put political, social, and monetary gains above the good of all mankind. Literally, the political left of the world treats Al Gore as a prophet and one who is steeped in science. But, more than once his use of scientific data is flawed; if not completely idiotic. Take, for example, his most recent distortion of the truth when he appeared with Conan O'Brien:

In the past, Al Gore has argued that global warming will increase the intensity and frequency of hurricanes. Yet, for years now, the hurricane season in the Atlantic has been relatively quiet. He has lied about polar bears becoming extinct; both in his words and in his movie "The Inconvenient Truth". A movie which, now, would be better titled: "The Truth Is Inconvenient for Al Gore".

I think that this latest revelation that data was being fraudulently tampered with may actually sink the whole Climate Change/Global Warming movement. National and international opinion polls are already showing that people are increasing becoming skeptical of global warming. Of course, a decade of global cooling hasn't helped. The only thin ice that Al Gore should be worried about is that which he is now walking on. Al Gore has a lot of financial interests in companies that would benefit heavily if a Cap and Trade bill was passed by the President and our Congress. That, to me, says a lot about how much Gore should be trusted to tell the truth on Global Warming. And, that isn't just my opinion!

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