Monday, November 30, 2009

Expect This Huckabee Story To Blow Up In The Next Few Days

Over the weekend, four cops were executed while eating at a coffee shop in Seattle.

But, the explosive story that will come out of this is the fact that the suspect in these killings, Maurice Simmons, was once serving a 95-year sentence in Arkansas. However, in 2001, the then-Governor, Mike Huckabee, commuted his sentence and granted him clemency after serving 11 years. Apparently, Huckabee's only rationale for releasing Simmons was the fact that Maurice was underage -- age 17 -- when he was given a life sentence. Sadly, from the day that Maurice Simmons was released by Huckabee, he continued his life of crime. At the time of these killings, Simmons was out on a $30,000 bail for raping a child.

(Click to See Full Story: "Huckabee Granted Clemency to Suspected Cop Killer ")

I can guarantee you that this will be troublesome for Huckabee; should he ever decide to run for the Presidency again. If he should win the Republican nomination, this might be the only thing that any Democrat would need to defeat him. If Huckabee had not interfered, Simmons would still be serving time; four people would still be alive; and, a child would have gone unmolested.

On Huckabee's Huck Pac site, the comment is that it was a failed justice "system" that is responsible for Maurice Simmons resulting crime of killing those police officers. I hardly think so. I think Huckabee shoulders much of the blame of those officers deaths by interfering with the justice system.

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