Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sacrificial Lambs Of Political Correctness

As a country, we have been conditioned by our own legal system to ignore any minority people who might be a potential criminal or terrorist threat. For that, we can thank the ACLU who has actively pursued legal action against any and all types of criminal profiling.

At the same time, our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies keep reminding us to report any suspicious activity that could be a prelude to a terrorist act. So, what is it? Report something suspicious and get sued? Or, just ignore the suspicious activity and possibly let ourselves and others be killed?

To me, this isn't political correctness. This is social and political insanity!

Friday's slaughter of all those military personnel is starting to look a lot like a perfect example where profiling and simple common sense were being ignored for the sake of political correctness. We now know that the CIA and the FBI were aware of possible terrorist communications activity by the Fort Hood shooter. Yet, it also appears that, because he was a Muslim, no one did anything about his potentially terrorist leanings, proselytizing, and communications. So, as a result, lives were sacrificed so that this Muslim could enjoy his privilege of being a protected class minority. The true insanity is in the fact that the "majority" must give up their rights so that a "few" can be free to do whatever they want; even plot to kill.

Over the weekend, members of the Obama Administration -- like Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Army Chief of Staff General George Casey -- were sounding concerns about a Muslim backlash as a result of Friday's shooting. Well, to the clueless Napolitano and Casey, there would be no fear of having a "backlash" against any Muslims if our government personnel had done their jobs in the first place and addressed Hasan's radical beliefs; instead of being so damned politically correct.

For the families of the killed, who are now grieving, I am quite sure that political correctness is of no comfort; either now or in the distant future. Unless this country wakes up, Friday's tragedy will be repeated over and over again. I am a firm believer that only those who have something to hide are the ones who are fighting profiling and other forms of activities that would keep our citizen's safe; such as warrantless wiretapping and eavesdropping. Unless and until we decide that political correctness is putting us all in jeopardy, we will continue to be the sacrificial lambs of this flawed political belief that completely ignores the greater good.

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