Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama's "Oh, By The Way Moment" On The Fort Hood Tragedy

Some complained that last week's "salute" of fallen soldiers arriving at Dover AFB was just a "photo op" by Obama to take some heat off the fact that he hasn't yet made a decision on the requested troop level increases in Afghanistan (Click to See Full Story: "Obama, Dover, and the war dead. Was the president's salute a photo op, or an 'overdue' show of gratitude?).

Well, I think the question of whether or not Dover was just a photo-op was answered yesterday in the face of what had been a horrific massacre of soldiers at Fort Hood. At his attendance of the "Tribal Nations Conference", Obama was expected to comment on the tragedy. But, instead of making those comments "job one" for his time at the podium, he went on to congratulate the event coordinators of that conference. Then, in what could easily be described as some kind of "Oh, by the way moment", he went on to talk about the murders at Fort Hood:

This is just another example of this man's misplaced priorities and crassness.

Note: After having written this blog entry, it was interesting to see that someone else had made note of Obama's shallowness of yesterday: "Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting".

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Cheryl Pass said...

My son is in the military. Watching what O is doing, the way he is acting, is heart-wrenching to me on behalf of all of our military. This episode (on the video here) is more evidence of a man who has no business being in the position of Commander in Chief. As far as I can tell, he has no business being POTUS at all, on any account. He is pathetic with no excuse. But his true colors keep coming through..don't they?