Monday, November 16, 2009

A History Of Climate Change Flip Flopping

In a little over 20 days, the climate change disciples of the United Nations will descend on Copenhagen in order to save the planet from extinction due to global warming. This is despite the fact that the world temperatures have been declining over the last 11 years while CO2 levels have continued to rise. In fact, this last October was the 3rd coolest ever in the U.S. in 118 years of record keeping.

Now, because of an unusual quietness of the sun and its sunspots, and the obvious declining world temps, there are scientists who believe that global warming isn't the challenge that the world should worry about. Instead, they believe that global cooling -- another ice age -- may soon be at hand.

It wasn't very long ago -- in fact, in the early 1970's -- when we saw similar concerns over global cooling; as is evidenced by this article that appeared in the science section of Newsweek on April 28, 1978: "The Cooling World". At that time, the scientific community was busy measuring and collecting statistics and the data clearly indicated that an ice age was just around the corner. Just as Al Gore used the frequency and intensity of hurricanes like Katrina and Rita to support his belief in global warming, the scientists of that time felt that the frequency of tornadoes in April of 1978 was a sure sign of an impending ice age.

According to Al Gore, the science over global warming is settled. Somehow, though, that's pretty hard to believe when, just 30 years ago, an ice age was being predicted; then, just 15 years ago, scientists decided that we were in the midst of a global heatwave; and, now, with declining temperatures, there is a sincere scientific concern that we might be entering another ice age. If this is settled science, I'd say a person suffering from manic depression is in more control over his/her daily life than the community of climatologists who can't decide, from one decade to the next, whether or not the world is getting colder or hotter.

My concern is that the world will buy into the current mania over global warming and make changes to society that many of the world's inhabitants will seriously regret in the future. Even though the world's increasing temperatures have abated for over a decade now, the global warming alarmists are acting as if the opposite is happening and are pushing even harder and harder for immediate action to save the world. Some whacks are even trying to blame the current world cooling trend on global warming!

This, to me, shows a disconnect with reality or, perhaps, an agenda that has nothing to do with global warming. It absolutely shows a panic to get something done before the charade is exposed. Sort of like a lot of the things that our own Congress and Obama have been up to lately.

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Cheryl Pass said...

Yep, "an agenda that has nothing to do with 'global warming.' Follow the $$$$$. Gore is a narcissist and a very oily salesman. He'd sell the shirt off his grandmother's back to make $$$$. Immelt of GE. $$$$$$ The politicians are in it for power over the people and the $$$$.
Good post!!! I think we need to stay on top of this and debunk the hoax every chance we get!!