Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Climate Change Week on NBC. What Uuuh surprise?

Apparently, NBC will incorporate "green" propaganda into all of it's prime time shows and their news activities next week (Click to See Full Story: "NBC enlists prime-time programs in green message"). Al Gore will also cameo on the NBC program "30 Rock" alongside other left wingers on that show such as Alec Baldwin and Tina "Trash Palin" Fey.

NBC, of course, has always been the news media's prime cheerleader for Obama and would do absolutely anything to push his left wing agenda; especially on climate change. That's because the parent company of NBC, General Electric, has a lot to gain if Obama is able to get "Cap and Trade" passed through both houses of Congress. Right now, Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of GE, sits on Obama's board of economic advisers. He clearly has the President's ear. So, it is no wonder that GE has gotten such favorable treatment within the details of the "Cap and Trade" legislation that is working its way through Congress. GE makes the wind turbines that are sure to benefit from "Cap and Trade". GE also wants to completely restructure our electric grid with their "Smart Grid" technology. For GE, the benefit could be in the billions of dollars; if not trillion in the next 20 or 30 years. Recently, the Obama mouthpiece, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, complained that Chinese built wind turbines were being bought by recipients of Stimulus Plan money and that restrictions should be imposed to insure that Stimulus funds were only used to buy American wind turbines (Click to See Full Story: "No Stimulus Funds for Chinese Wind Turbines, Says Schumer"). Gee! Who just might benefit from that action? Not gee...GE!

All I know is that if this kind of cozy relationship had existed during the Bush Administration, the New York Times and the Washington Post and others would have run daily front-page smack-downs until it relented. Just think about all the bad press that Cheney got whenever there was the slightest hint that Halliburton was benefiting from anything that the Bush Administration was doing. Yet, for the GE/Obama conflicts of interest, the mainstream media remains totally silent.

The only problem GE and NBC have with their all-out climate change offensive is the fact that NBC has no viewers. And, given their obvious left wing slant, I am quite sure that the only viewers that are remaining already have life size portraits of Obama and Gore on their living room walls. So, in effect, they will be preaching to the choir. But, then, I'm quite sure that Immelt will still score big with the O-man! And, Obama might throw Immelt another few billion dollars worth of bones for being such a good little doggie. Maybe something like forced retrofitting of the American Airline fleet with more fuel efficient jet engines built by -- Guess Who? -- General Electric.

By The Way: Isn't Immelt doing a great job in his role of advising the O-man on the economy? I'm sure glad that Obama picked a person like Immelt who has nothing but America's best interests at heart! This is the same guy that allowed General Electric to sell products to Iran; despite the trade embargo with that terrorist spawning country. And, he continued to sell to Iran; even though there was enough evidence that Iran was shipping weapons to Iraq that were used to kill our soldiers. Apparently, in the world of Immelt, he is "GE" first and American second. Maybe even third! Who knows?

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