Monday, November 2, 2009

When The Left Hand Doesn't Talk To The Other Left Hand

Who can forget what Obama said to a joint session of Congress with regard to medical malpractice tort reform:

Well, somebody should tell Nancy Pelosi that tort reform is a good thing and that it could reduce excess medical costs to within a range of $54 billion to $300 billion a year; depending on which study you're looking at. But, once again, what Obama giveth in a speech, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats taketh away in action. And, don't expect Obama to complain one iota. This Obama-Pelosi-Reid two-step has been the modus operandi from the day Obama got into office.

According to section 2531 of Pelosi's near 2000 page tome on health care reform, states can receive incentive payments for implementing alternatives to medical malpractice suits. However, if those reforms include any reduction of attorney's fees or any caps on malpractice awards, the state will be barred from receiving incentive pay (Click to See Full Story: "Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers"). If that isn't deceitful double talk, I don't know what is!

Once again, Obama makes a pledge with his patented "I-don't-really-mean-it-wink" and, then, we get another broken promise when he has his "tools" of Congress (Pelosi and Reid) actually do the dirty work.

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Cheryl Pass said...

I wish this country could hit the re-wind button. What a disaster. About double talk and deceit...that is all these political demons know how to do. What you are describing here is pure extortion. Makes me wonder how so many people have become so adept at a tool used by the mafia. I'd be happy to see them all wearing orange jump suits behind chain-link fences.