Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Obama And Bernie Madoff Have In Common

Bernie Madoff is a convicted cheat because he falsified rates of investment returns in order to draw more and more people into his ponzi scheme. In the very same vein, when it comes to saved and created jobs, Obama is being just as deceptive.

Increasingly, we are seeing that many of the jobs being claimed as saved and created by Obama's Stimulus package are complete fabrications. This morning, through an ABC News investigation, we are now learning that many of these jobs are in non-existent Congressional Districts. I'm surprised we don't have jobs reporting numbers from the Moon; or, Mars; or, even, the Crab Nebula.

I just wish that more people would see that we are being totally"schemed". Nothing that Obama has promised has been done; especially when it comes to the economy. Madoff went to jail for his lies. Hopefully, Obama will join that long list of one-term Presidents when he's up for reelection in 2012.

One last point -- totally consistent with the above deception. Two weeks ago the Drudge Report claimed that the President would grant an interview with Fox News. This was being reported despite the fact that, previously the White House has said that Fox had an agenda; wasn't really a news operation; and wouldn't get any interviews with Obama. Last week the White House reaffirmed this by flatly denying what Drudge had reported. Now, as of this morning, we find out that Major Garrett of Fox News has been granted an interview for tonight (Click to See Full Story: Major Garrett Among White House Correspondents to Interview Pres. Obama Today).

With Obama, we can't even get the straight story on something as simple as a news interview. Everything is political gaming! How can anyone trust what this White House says or promises?

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