Friday, December 11, 2009

Ask Your Philodendron If CO2 is Dangerous

Probably, the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life is the EPA's decision this week to call CO2 a "dangerous gas". Even school children know that plants won't survive without CO2. We,and all the other animals on earth, expel it all day long as a byproduct of producing the energy that we need for us to live, grow, and be active. I guess, for that matter, water, too, is dangerous. Even though you absolutely have to have it to survive, you could drown in it too! So, let's classify water as dangerous!

To me, this kind of insanity doesn't make the Climate Change argument any more valid. It just makes a joke out of the whole process. Are we now going to force people (akin to the treatment of cigarette smokers) to take their dangerous breathing outside? I can just see a new line of self-help books being released like: "How to survive without breathing anymore!" Then, too, the New York Times best seller might be something like: "Waiting to Exhale: The Green Story." My guess is that sometime shortly, Kathleen Sibelius of Health and Human Services will have to declare a "carbon dioxide pandemic". Maybe she will do a show-and-tell on how to avoid expelling your breath on others who might be nearby. Expect the see the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to start reporting how widespread carbon dioxide poisoning is each week.

But, while it may seem like the EPA decision is just a joke, there may actually be a more sinister and intentional side to that decision. One that is the intentional arming of all those militants who are at war with carbon footprinting.

When you really think about it, by classifying CO2 as a dangerous gas, the EPA could shut down almost anything that emits CO2. And, because of this insane decision, every environmentalist was just handed the hammer that they needed to clear the decks of every CO2 producing activity that they don't like.

Make no mistake about it, the EPA just opened the door to a whole new world of lawsuits. Cap and Trade is now completely immaterial to the process of controlling carbon dioxide. The battle, now, will be fought in the courts and by groups like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace. If the EPA doesn't take action to shut down your local cement manufacturer or coal-fired power plant or steel mill, the environmentalists with go to court and force the law to shut them down -- using the EPA's ruling as the basis of their legal action. This is perfect for the environmentalists. Previously they had tried and failed to get polar bears defined as an endangered species so that they could sue, and used that as a basis to shutting down carbon producing manufacturing operations. This will be just like ACORN using the Community Reinvestment Act to force banks to give out unqualified home loans; but, this time, environmentalists will have their heyday and the consequences will be much more disastrous for society.

What the EPA did this week -- like most of Obama's thugs -- was done without any thought as to the far reaching consequences. From the closure of Gitmo to the prosecution of CIA personnel to the trying terrorists in a civilian court, this Administration is just insane. They are totally driven by ideology. And, they don't care what happens to the country and society in the wake of their decisions.

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