Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Can I Count The Lies

With the Democrats of Congress having put the final touches on a 2010 Omnibus Spending Bill that bumps up the cost of government spending by over 12.5% or $120+ billion and with Obama having signed it, I thought it would be interesting to replay a video of a speech that Obama gave in February of this year on fiscal responsibility.

As you listen to it, try to count all the "broken promises" (lies) in that roughly 9-1/2 minutes of teleprompter time. It starts off with the first big lie being that he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. It was $1.3 trillion because of his Stimulus Package which, as he says in the speech, was intended to create or save (gulp!) 3.5 million jobs; another lie. A Stimulus Package that was written by the Democrats for the Democrats and has really done nothing to do with actually turning this economy around. Of course, the latest continuance of this lie is his signing of this pork-laden Omnibus bill rather than keeping his promise and vetoing it (Click to See Full Story: "Obama signs $1.1 tril spending bill into law ").

(It is important to note that Obama signed the Omnibus spending bill with zero of his typical fanfare and without the typical barrage of required cameras. In fact the national news media barely reported the signing of the bill. That is why I had to link to a China news agency above. That clearly says a lot. It says Obama wants to hide the passage of this bill into law. And, it tells you that the national media is in bed with Obama on this by not reporting on it. Isn't that so cozy!)

I think it is interesting that he mentions "accounting tricks" that are typically used by Washington to hide the true costs of spending. Again, this is something he promised to change in that video. Yet, in the Health Care Reform bill that the House passed and that is pending in the Senate, the "accounting trick" that is being used is to deceitfully imply that health care will not increase the deficit. The plan does this by showing a full 10 years of spending cuts and taxes and only about 5 years of actual spending. And, now, Obama applauds this -- knowing full well that it is only justifiable based on an "accounting trick". This exemplifies why there is nothing in Obama's February speech that has turned out to be the truth. Nothing! He lied then and he continues to lie today. Not just my opinion. A reality that is easily and continually borne out by the facts.

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