Thursday, December 31, 2009

Closing Gitmo Won't Help Anything

This weekend's attempted downing of a Northwest Airlines flight clearly proves that the steps being taken by Obama to be "soft on terrorists" won't do anything to thwart attacks on the U.S. After all, this latest attempt against our country comes just a year after Obama promised to close down Gitmo and remove it as a means of an Al Qaeda recruiting tool. Closing Gitmo might make the Europeans happy but, it isn't going to stop the very real threat of terrorism. And, too, Obama's publicly announced ban on enhanced interrogation techniques did nothing to prevent the Christmas terrorist attempt.

Terrorists don't sit around in coffee shops or other social settings and toss around academic theories like those that Obama and so many of his professorial friends do when they're trying to contemplate solving the world's problems. Terrorists are realists. These people want to kill us and Gitmo isn't the reason. They have an education that is firmly rooted in the most radical intrepretation of the Koran. Any positive facets of Islam are completely ignored. They hate America. They want to kill Americans in the name of their God. It's just that simple. Logic doesn't have anything to do with it. Obama and his people are naive to believe that logic and police actions will stop these attempts to kill Americans.

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