Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Dance Of The Climate Scientists

If you listen to what little debate is actually allowed over the ClimateGate scandal, the consistent defense used by scientists who are locked into the theory of man-made climate change, is that "no one can deny that global temperatures have risen in the last century". And, yes, they are right. It is warmer than it was 100 years ago. But, they are dancing around the obvious issue. It is a dance that side-steps the basic claim of whether or not mankind has caused the current warming trend.

The fact is that there was a time -- 1000 years ago while people were still riding horses and chopping wood to stay warm -- when the temperatures were about as warm as they are now. That period is called the Medieval Warm Period. It lasted about 500 years; and was followed up with a mini ice age.

The reason that most of the United Nations climate change scientists seem to skip over those 500 years of climate history with such absolute ease is that it doesn't fit into their weak theory that man-produced CO2 creates global warming.

Certainly, 1000 years ago, North America was dominated by deer and antelope and some indigenous Indian tribes; and, those tribes were quite insignificant in both their size and impact on the world. In fact, the world population was a mere iota of what it is today. Yet, it was quite warm.

So, the bottom line is: Yes, there currently is global warming and climatic change. But -- and it is a big 'but' -- is man the cause? Or, are we merely seeing a replication of what naturally caused the Medieval Warm Period? And, is this current "natural" event being used as a cover to effect social change for political or monetary reasons?

Those are the real questions that have to be answered. ClimateGate has finally shed a light on the fact that the scientific data of anthropogenic climate change might be at least flawed; if not completely fraudulent. That's why there should be a big "whoa" regarding all of these destructive plans for society until the full truth is revealed. The truth can't be found by 2500 IPCC scientists whose very livelihood and future grant money depend on man-made global warming being real.

We need to finally hear out the dissenters of that theory. The dissenters who have been hushed by the IPCC scientists who seem to have all the clout due to their political backing. The dissenters who outnumber the 2500 IPCC scientists by a factor of 10 to 1. The dissenters who want to give a "second opinion" to the work of the IPCC group; if they only had access to it. Instead, these dissenters have been inable to look at the base data, the assumptions, and the mathematics because the IPCC scientists have ignored those requests made to them under the "Freedom of Information" act, and have blocked any access to that data. If we are expected to siphon off trillions of dollars from the world's richest economies in order to fight this "modern plague", it should be done on a basis of a firm, scientific footing. Not just a theoretical view that is held by a few who are being prejudiced by grant money and a cushy job environment at NASA or East Anglia University.

The FDA would never approve the use of a new drug unless there were valid clinical trials that took place outside of the drug maker's laboratories. In similar fashion, having an expanded scientific community review the facts and conclusions -- far beyond the IPCC scientific community's protected 2500 -- is the only way the science of global warming can and should gain world public approval.

What really disturbs me about this current warming science is all the secrecy. In the past, scientists were so typically proud of their work, that they would beg others in the scientific community to prove them wrong. But, today, that challenge seems to be nonexistent with the underpinnings of the IPCC science remaining behind closed doors and hidden deep within computer databases. The secrecy says a lot about what is really going on. It suggests nothing but deceit and, I think, that is driving the concern.

Let's stop the dancing; open the books; and get an international consensus on whether or not man-made global warming is real! All of mankind is owed that honesty!


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