Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bought And Paid For

Just yesterday, Democratic Senator Ben Nelson stood against the rest of the Democrats on health care. Now, after some powwowing with Harry Reid in a closed door meeting, he's decided to give a "yea vote" for the bill; giving Reid the 60 votes he needs to pass it before Christmas. A bill that Nelson still hasn't read and more than likely doesn't know what it fully contains.

So, why a change from yesterday? Simply, the Nelson vote was purchased by Harry Reid using our money. Apparently, Nelson was promised a Christmas present of an estimated $300 million in benefits for Nebraska; Nelson's home state. Bought and paid for by tax payer money.

Only in a corrupt United States Senate can money be taken from hard working Americans and then used to buy votes for something that most Americans don't want. Once again, we have seen the concept of a representative form of Democracy go right down the crapper with these people in Congress and with Obama at the helm!

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Cheryl Pass said...

What a difference a day makes, eh? Or should I say what a difference bribery makes. This is a sad day in American history, one we will all regret for who knows how long.
You are more a representative republic. Just another corrupt socialist state.
Merry Christmas to us...and to America, "goodnight."