Friday, December 18, 2009

Proof That Global Warming Is Just A Ploy To Destroy Capitalism

The climate change movement isn't about saving the world from CO2 emissions. If it truly was, the advocates for the control of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere wouldn't have expended thousands of tons of the stuff so they all could converge on Copenhagen. That would be like 1920's America prohibitionists stocking the store shelves with liquor while campaigning to defeat its production, sale, and use in the United States. It makes absolutely no sense. A true believer in anything would never be so contradictory to the cause they are either fighting against or for.

What all those in Copenhagen really want is punishment of the rich nations and their capitalist societies. The proof of that came two days ago when Hugo Chavez spoke before the participants of the summit. During his diatribe against capitalism, the crowd erupted into a thunderous and sustained applause. An applause against capitalism; not against global warming (Click to See Full Story: "Blame capitalism, Chavez tells climate summit"). Hugo gave them the anti-capitalism red meat they had been waiting for and they just slurped it up.

Copenhagen is a socialist summit. Even the United States and Great Britain are being represented by socialists of their own such as Gordon Brown and our very own President, Barack Obama.

Everyone at that summit knows damn well that the CO2 being produced today will remain in the atmosphere for up to 200 years before dissipating. That's because the U.N. scientists on climate change have said so. So, when they are talking about reducing "X" amounts of carbon dioxide output in the next 10 to 40 years, they are just blowing smoke. If we truly needed to save the planet from the ravages of carbon dioxide, we should have started the process in the 1800's; long before man even began producing CO2 on a wide scale. This is why, even among all those left-wing scientists in Copenhagen, it is ridiculous to assume that world can be saved by even the most extreme reductions in CO2 output into our atmosphere. Even if a theoretical zero emission level could be achieved, there would be no actual improvement by 2050 because it is too late to undo the cumulative effect of the carbon dioxide that has already been introduced into our atmosphere. That's why Copenhagen is just so much B.S.

Man didn't create the planet's warming and man isn't going stop it.

The advantage that the left has in predicting future disasters from CO2, is that it would literally take decades before anyone will really know if what they are saying is true. In the meantime, they can demand social change -- to their ideological benefit -- without any scientific proof that the whole "green house gas theory" is truly applicable to man's activities. But, what they didn't count on was those pesky emails -- ClimateGate -- showing that temperature data was being manipulated to fit their theory. This is opposed to traditional science that would "test" any theory with actual data before declaring it a scientific fact. So we have ideology and not science that is driving this whole global warming scam.

As I have said before, this whole climate change thing is just a trumped up excuse to change society to fit the extreme viewpoint of all those anti-mankind progressives and anti-capitalist socialists of our world. That is why it is the political left that is pushing so hard for all these game-changing measures to redistribute wealth; limit luxury lifestyles of the Western world; and, basically, destroy capitalism.

Hugo Chavez isn't out to save the world. He's out to promote his personal belief in a socialistic dictatorship and to expand its application throughout the world. And, most of those attendees in Copenhagen agree with him.

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