Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nero Fiddled and Obama Golfed

Keeping Americans safe doesn't mean that you work strokes off your golf game. It took more than 72 hours after the failed Christmas terrorist attack before the President took time from his busy golf schedule to even make a comment about that attack. Then, following his brief and half-hearted statement, he went back to his scheduled game.

From Janet Napolitano's lame statements to the lack of this President loosening his grip around a golf club, we have an Administration who shows little but casual concern over the safety of this country. The closing of Gitmo and the trying of KSM in a civilian court just reinforces this lack of concern. Similarly, he has made destroying our heath care system the priority over getting the economy back on its feet. When do the American people come first over left-wing ideology?

Terrorism isn't a game. The absolutely disastrous consequences of detonating only 50 grams of PETN explosive (as was carried by Richard Reid - the shoe bomber) can be seen from the FBI tests that were documented in the video below. That Nigerian Christmas assassin was actually carrying 50 percent more PETN than what Reid had carried in his shoe and what had been used to document these FBI tests.

All indications are that the Obama Administration failed in every aspect of security to thwart this Christmas attack. For this reason, every American should be concerned about this Administration's lax attitude towards the threat that would kill us all. After all, Obama is a guy that doesn't even seem to think we are at war with radical Islam and completely refuses to use the term "War on Terror". Instead, he and his people prefer to look at the Fort Hood shootings and this Christmas bomber as isolated criminal incidents that, very simply, are man-made disasters that should be handled like some 7-Eleven robbery.

Is this the change that America wanted when they hired this guy to be our President?

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