Sunday, December 6, 2009

Global Warming Is Man made!

Finally, I concur that global warming and climate change is absolutely man made. Those ClimateGate emails have proven that men, masquerading as ethical scientists, have made the whole damn thing up.

It appears that money can buy anything. It even bought global warming. Al Gore got millions, an Oscar, and a Nobel Peace Prize for his fraudulent movie on global warming. He went to the bank by giving hundreds of well-paid speaking engagements. He is also due to gain handsomely from his financial interests in companies throughout the world that would grow and benefit from any enactment of carbon reduction legislation.

Those "warming scare" scientists, too, got much needed research money to live off of. Literally, millions of dollars in grants. All together, the so-called science of global warming was just men acting badly for their own personal enrichment and financial gains.

Yes, indeed, global warming was absolutely caused by man. For this reason, I would hope that the climate change summit in Copenhagen will be nothing more than anti climactic; since, apparently, their meeting is totally based on a scientific community that was hell bent on being so anti climatic!

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Cheryl Pass said...

You always have an angle I enjoy! "Man-made" as in "fabricated!!!" Good post!