Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clinton Has It Wrong On Health Care

Back on November 10th, in what was another Clinton-rewrite of history, Bill Clinton urged the Senate Democrats to pass health care reform because history has taught us that "The worst thing to do is nothing." With this statement, he seems to be implying that the Democrats had a sweeping loss of Congress in 1994 because they didn't pass health care reform.

If that was true, the electorate "wouldn't" have punished them by voting them out of office. Instead, the electorate would have given the Democrats more power by electing more of them so that they could have a greater majority. And, they would have punished the Republicans for blocking health care reform. Clinton's belief that Congress flipped from Democrat to Republican because health care didn't pass is blatantly absurd.

Right now, I am starting to see articles being written by left wing opinion writers that seem to suggest Clinton was right. This wishful thinking presumes that the Democrats will maintain control of Congress if health care reform is passed is, again, absurd. It is amazing how lemming-like the left is when they hear a distortion from their former American Idol -- Bill Clinton.

When the Democrats lost Congress, they lost it in the midst of a roaring economy that had it's genesis just before Clinton took office. This Congress is totally mired in high unemployment and rising foreclosures and they have actually done nothing to resolve the situation. The Stimulus Package is a failure. Health Care Reform is starting to look like a three ring circus. Cap and Trade is on shaky ground due to ClimateGate. And, the national debt and the future of high taxation looms big under their watch. The national polls show that this Congress has the least favorable rating in the history of polling. Harry Reid is looking like he's going to be another Democratic Senate Majority Leader -- like Tom Daschle -- to lose his job.

So, why, then, would anyone think that this Congress would be safe by passing health care reform? Given all the political headwinds -- especially on the economy and spending --- it doesn't look so. But, I guess the left can hope. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in what Clinton told the Democratic Senators in November. My guess is that the electorate will severely punish Congress if they pass health care reform in its current form with all the costs and service cuts that are currently known. The polls are already showing a lack of support for Congress' attempt to enact any health care reforms before the economy gets going again. Obviously, this is a change they don't want from either Obama or Congress.

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