Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Non-Nuclear Iran: Obama's Fantasy

By anyone's count, Iran has zero nuclear power plants. The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant -- Iran's first -- will supposedly go online next year. It has only been under construction since 1975. (No kidding. Since 1975!)

We already know that Iran has 3 nuclear enrichment facilities at Ardakan, Natanz, and the latest one at Qom. These facilities are more than adequate to keep their new Bushehr plant in fuel for ages; along with their next power plant at Darkovin that has been under construction since 2007. By reprocessing fuel from their two existing power plants, they could easily provide fuel for any other new plants that may come on line in the next two decades. However, at the end of November, Iran announced that it will be building 10 new nuclear enrichment facilities (Click to See Full Story: "Iranian government announces building of 10 uranium enrichment plants").

So, I guess the obvious question becomes: Why would a country like Iran need to produce so much nuclear material if they already have enough enrichment facilities to support their current program?

Add to this the fact that they continue to pursue the development of medium and long range nuclear delivery missiles and any logical person could easily see what they're up to. Except, of course, Obama!

When is the President going to wake up to the fact that Iran is completely ignoring him? When is he going to understand that Iran has only one plan in mind? And, believe me, that plan isn't to make nice with Israel and the rest of the Middle East! Obama once told Iran that if they would unclench their fist he would extend his hand in friendship.

Well, Mr. Obama, I think you've got your "fist" answer and it is time to forget your idiotic fantasy of friendship with them. It's time to act!

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