Monday, December 28, 2009

Napolitano: The System Worked?

Over the weekend, Janet Napolitano, the Director of Homeland Security, made the totally absurd comment that the "system worked" (Click to See Full Story: Napolitano: "The system worked") when talking about the failed terrorist attack on Christmas day.

Absolutely, the system "didn't work". The fact that bomb failed to explode is the only reason why we're not now talking about more than 250 deaths resulting from a terrorist attack.

What didn't work is the watch list system that is used to ferret out people like that Nigerian terrorist and which, if acted on properly, would have required him to have a secondary search before boarding the plane. And, to top everything off, it is now being reported that he didn't even have a valid passport or visa to enter the United States.

Above all, what didn't work is the Obama State Department. When a high level and well-respected Nigerian businessman contacts the U.S. Mission in Nigeria to say that he's worried by his son's radical leanings and what he might do, sirens should have gone off in the State Department. Both Homeland Security and the FBI should have be notified. But, nothing was done. At the very least, the he should have been immediately moved from the watch list and placed on the higher level no-fly list.

When it comes to the economy, we get nonsensical statements from Joe Biden that the Stimulus Package is "working". Then, the President, says that he himself is doing a B+ job; when, in fact, the polls are showing that his has the worst rating of any President in history for the first year in office. Now, we have Napolitano saying that the "system worked"! Is the whole Obama Administration on drugs? Are these people that arrogant that they think they can keep lying to America and we will all just accept their lies?

Napolitano should be fired. Not for being a radical -- as is the case with most of Obama's minions -- but, for being just plain stupid. This is the third incident this year where she has shown her stupidity; starting with that report that she issued warning of "right wing" terrorism from people who have served in the military; that are pro-lifers; and from those who might be religious extremists. This woman is an ideological hack who appears to be looking right (politically) for all potential terrorist activities when, in fact, she should really be looking left.

On a larger and more disconcerting scale, we have an Administration who seems to think that the "War on Terror" is over and the use of that term passe. I guess Obama doesn't want the terrorists to feel bad. However, this kind of attitude is putting this country and its people at risk. And, this weekend just proves this.

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