Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Hypocrisy Of the Copenhagen Fly-In

In just a few days, between 12 & 15 thousand attendees will descend on Copenhagen(Click to See Full Story: "Road to COP15 in Copenhagen") to participate in the 15th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. Representatives from more than 180 countries will attend. These will include government heads of state and delegates, scientists, environmentalists, and -- oh yes -- "green advocating" celebrities from Hollywood and around the world.

To get there, these thousands of people will fly in on, primarily, private jets, government aircraft, chartered jets, and -- I suppose -- some will actually use commercial airlines. Each government contingent will have an entourage of, probably, two, three, or even a half dozen vehicles that have been bullet-proofed and won't get your average fuel economy. President Obama will be there too. Prior to his trip, several secret service agents will fly in and scour the area to insure the President's safety. Additionally, a fleet of bullet-proofed Presidential and presidential escort vehicles will be airlifted into Copenhagen on heavy transport planes.

Now, it might be a bit presumptuous of me; but, isn't this fly-in and the amount of carbon being thrown into the atmosphere a wee bit hypocritical? After all, these are the people who are getting together to save the planet from all that man-produced carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide that is produced by carbon-based fuels such as jet fuel and gasoline. Haven't any of these people heard of streaming video technology and video conferencing that could eliminate or minimize this kind of "meet-me-in-Copenhagen" carbon explosion? Does everyone have to go? This just shows how hypocritical the "climate change/global warming" movement is. They all want to save the planet -- but, they don't want to have to actually do any of that saving themselves.

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