Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's A Scary Harry Christmas

For those of us that are happy with their health care coverage, the prospect of the Democrats destroying the whole system so that they can completely control health care delivery in America leaves us thinking that 2009 will be a "Scary Harry (Reid) Christmas" present that very few people really want.

All indications are that Harry's horrendous health care reform bill -- the one that he won't let anyone see or read -- will be voted for on Christmas Eve as a means of putting additional pressure on Senate members who possibly won't get to see their families over the Holidays if they don't vote for this bill the first time around.

From the get go, Harry and the Democrats have used every thuggish tactic in the books to get their own political compatriots in line to vote for this pig of a health care bill that no amount of lipstick or even eye shadow could make look better. Mary Landrieu got a bribe of $300 million dollars for her vote. Ben Nelson who may have received a threat of closing one of this nation's largest air force bases if he didn't succumb, also secured his bribe-of-bribes by getting Harry Reid to excuse all the state Medicaid charges forever that Nebraska would have paid under this health care reform bill. Joe Lieberman even had his wife's philanthropic job threatened by the left. And, Michael Moore is trying to use his influence to punish Lieberman by asking his friends to boycott Connecticut businesses.

If this health care reform bill was such a good thing for America, don't you think it would be sailing through this Democratic majority-ruled Senate with some Republican support. But, not one Republican wants to put their fingerprints on what Harry Reid calls "historic". Further, why would anyone have to be bribed to vote for a bill if it was so damned good for America.

But, most reasonable people -- some of those actually being Democrats -- know this whole process is wrong. The polls reflect that Americans don't want it and think it will do nothing but cost too much money and reduce the quality and availability of health care.

History has taught us that big social programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are financially unsustainable. Every one of these programs will be insolvent in just a few years. Now, we're going to add a national health care system to this pile of financially failed social programs. Eventually, the salaries of the American people will be totally dedicated to support these programs. The only people who will actually benefit from them will be those who don't work and don't contribute to the economic growth of the country. These jobless people will be taken care of by the State. And, as wards of the state, they will have their every need addressed from cradle to grave without ever lifting a hand to work. In turn, the Democrats will get their votes. It's as simple as that. It's all about co-dependency.

So, try and enjoy your Christmas. Try to live in the moment with politics set aside. However, if you can't, and it just seems like things are scarier this year than ever before, you can thank Harry Reid and his buds Pelosi and Obama for that feeling.

Lastly, if you would like to know the full list of "bribes" and "punishments" that are contained in this badly wrapped and poorly conceived Christmas present that most of us are getting from Harry, you would be well advised to read this: Healthcare Pork: Senate Bill Laden with Favors, Pet Projects for Democrats.

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