Monday, December 21, 2009

Once Global Warming...Now Climate Change

At one time, the supporters of abortion were defined as being "pro abortion". But, abortion had a negative connotation, so the media wizards of the movement came up with a new name for their crusade called "Pro-Choice". Now, doesn't that sound much nicer. Same cover.

In many ways the AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming crusade decided to take a page from the abortion movement's book and they, too, have changed their name. Now, Global Warming has been replaced with Climate Change.

The reason being is that they need to create a more ubiquitous rationale for controlling CO2 output in, primarily, the western world. This way, even cold weather could be blamed on CO2. Sure, they still want you to think that the world is warmer and the ice is melting but, they also want you to think that CO2 was responsible for things like this last weekend's blizzard in the mid-Atlantic states. After all, that too is climate change.

It's all about marketing now...isn't it? You see, the earth hasn't been doing what people like Al Gore have claimed: getting hotter. Instead, the earth has flat-lined on warming. So, it only makes sense to begin to say that all global climate change activity is because of CO2. So the lie has a new name that better fits the lie.

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