Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gore Gets It Wrong Again

On Tuesday, Al Gore "inconveniently" added another distortion of "truth" to the climate change argument -- even though he will never debate anyone on anything regarding these so-called "facts".

This time, Al's shameless claim is that the entire polar ice cap will be "ice free" during the summer months within the next 5 to 7 years (Click to See Full Story: "Copenhagen climate summit: Al Gore condemned over Arctic ice melting prediction"). Apparently, Al is unaware of the fact that global sea ice has expanded in the last 2 years -- so much so that its extent is about the same as it was 30 years ago. This fact isn't some anti-global warming opinion that is floating around like Al's ice story, it based on the work done by the University of Illinois' Arctic Research Center (Click to See Full Story: "Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979").

In the past, Al has claimed that hurricanes and other natural disasters would be of a higher frequency and intensity due to global warming. Yet last year was one of the quietest years on record. In fact, since Rita and Katrina, the Atlantic hurricane seasons have been almost non-starters.

He has claimed that sea level would rise 20 feet by the year 2050. However, most scientists see a rise of, maybe, another foot in 100 years. Yet another exaggeration/lie by Al that is garnering him millions in speaking engagements from his "believers".

Al also claims that the polar bears are on the road to extinction. However, science has now proven the general polar bear population is 5 times larger than in the 1960's due to the environmental protection of both the species and it's food sources such as the harp seal.

Gore recently claimed that the earth's core is millions of degrees hot. But, consistent with his past absurdities, the earth's core is roughly 5,000 degrees. It's unlikely he would make the same mistake when balancing his checkbook and all the cash entries for his numerous speaking engagements!

More and more, Al Gore is looking like some kind of religious fanatic prophesying the end of time while holding up a DVD of his Oscar winning film -- An Inconvenient Truth. An image of Moses comes to mind. But, sadly, like many of those purveyors of the apocalypse that they feel is soon to come, we are instead finding a small group of individuals who need to be institutionalized for mental problems.

The Climate Change movement is already on the rocks with the scandalous emails and data manipulation that have been uncovered. Now, Gore adds fuel to the fire with his dumb "facts". I think the whole anthropogenic global warming (AGW) act needs a new ad campaign. This time, one that is based on truth. You've got to know that when a movement such as AGW has a politician like Al Gore as its leading authority, something is very rotten in Denmark. With that in mind, I have included the following three pertinent videos that you might find interesting:

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Cheryl Pass said...

I think God is playing a very funny joke on Al Gore. There's is going to be a very interesting conversation when the Gore meets the Man someday...assuming that judgment takes place. I'm really enjoying the earth laughing at Gore's predictions. It would be a lot funnier though if I were more sure the UN crowd, IPCC, Gore, Immelt, Maurice Strong, Carol Browner, and the rest of them were in orange jump suits behind bars after the RICO convictions.