Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama Is Not Popular!

Yesterday, the folks at Gallup reported that Obama sank to a new low approval rating of 47%; with his disapproval rating at a new high of 46%. As the Gallup Report of yesterday points out, no other President, since "their" polling began, had such a low approval rating in their first December since taking office (Click to See Full Report: "After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%").

This morning, Fox News even took that further and found that no single President in the history of any polling (not just Gallup) had such a low approval rating (Click to See Full Story: "Obama's 47 Percent Approval Lowest of Any President at This Point".

I often hear Democrats and Democratic pundits talk of Obama as being a "popular" President and one who the "people" elected based on his "plans". Well, what might of been true last year, isn't the case now. Obviously, the American people are not buying into his "plans" or the way he is handling his Presidency. And, why should they? In almost every case, Obama "baited" the electorate to get into office with promises he either couldn't or wouldn't keep; with the latter being the primary case. After getting there, he has done nothing but "switch" to a very left wing agenda and the American people aren't happy. That's not my opinion. It's a clear a fact. And, the polls are showing it.

Please note: Almost all of the national polls have Obama at 50% or lower on his approval rating (Click to See the Data from RealClearPoltics). The only ones that are still above 50% are the polls from those media organizations like: CBS, ABC, NBC, and the Associated Press. How special are they? Even the previous Obama-loving CNN has now got him below 50% at a 48% approval rating.

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