Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Air Head

Forget about drilling. Forget about alternative energy or driving less. Forget about mass transit. And, forget about nuclear, solar, wind, or hydrogen. Barack Obama believes that whole energy crisis can be solved by "just" inflating our tires (Click to see the Video).

I don't remember this fact coming out at all those energy hearings in Congress. I guess Obama has decided to follow Jimmy Carter's lead on handling an energy crisis. This sure sounds a lot like Jimmy Carter's lower-the-thermostat and put-on-a-sweater solution when he was President. That really worked well! If I recall, the lines just got even "longer" at the gas stations!

Always following Obama's lead, I am sure the Democrats of Congress will "start" blaming us Americans for the high gasoline prices because, apparently, we're just too lazy to fill our tires. I guess they'll be dropping their "previous excuses" of big oil profits, SUV's, Bush/Cheney in cahoots with the oil companies, not drilling on 68 million acres, and speculation as the reasons for high gasoline prices. I wondered when the ultimate blame would get around to us!

Image by tempo's photostream on Flickr with Creative Commons Licensing (Click to View Other Works).

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