Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shoot First...Then Ask?

Today, Mr. Obama is expected to deliver a speech on his plans for ending the War in Iraq and increasing our military support in Afghanistan (See Full Story). This speech is do to come "before" he actually visits these two countries and meets with our military commanders, foreign service and State Department personnel on the ground and local non-U.S. Government officials. So, you have to ask: Why even go? Why meet with the Generals if you have already made up your mind? But, I guess, a photo-op is a photo-op!

Personally, I like a leader who listens, understands, and then takes the appropriate action or actions. I would think that someone with little or no military or foreign policy experience would be even more cautious in getting all the advice he could before laying out his plans. But, I guess Mr. Obama has listened. Apparently, Code Pink and MoveOn.org are his new military and foreign policy advisers. After all, they're paying the bills for him to get into office. For a guy who claims he will "change" the way Washington does business and get the "special interest monkey" off Washington's back, he sure looks like he is carrying a "ton" of special interest in making decisions on his policies in the Middle East.

Of course, this is the "brilliant" military strategist who said back in 2007 that the "Surge" wouldn't work and who voted to leave Iraq (in total disarray) within 90 days. He, like a lot of Democrats, said we were losing. Now, with the Surge obviously working, who looks like the real loser on Iraq policy?

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