Monday, July 28, 2008

Bump. Bump. Whose got the Bump?

I am sure the Obama handlers are running around in circles (like Moe and Curly) trying to figure out the latest USA Today/Gallup poll results (See Full Story). Instead of showing a "bump" for Obama following his extremely well publicized and well covered trip to the Middle East and Europe, it shows that McCain actually got the bump. McCain now enjoys a 4 point lead over Obama in that poll. This compares to a 6 point drubbing at the hands of Obama; just a month ago. What a difference a month can make! A real "shocker"!

Of course, the Obama people will probably discount this poll because it is so far off the mark with the other polls that have been taken. And, they should. This poll is totally inconsistent with the other major polls being reported within the last few days. However, if others do start showing a similar reality, then Team Obama should be worried. It might just be that all the "dancing" by Obama on issues like Iraq, the Troop Surge, drilling for oil, etc. is taking its toll. We'll have to wait and see.

Image by lars hammar's photostream on Flickr with Creative Commons Licensing (Click to View Other Works).

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