Monday, July 14, 2008

Protected Speech That Isn't Needed

While I'm not a fan of Barack Obama's political views, I think the recently released cover page of "The New Yorker," showing Barack Obama as an Arab and his wife as a gun-toting revolutionary, is far from being ethical for a major magazine in this country (Click for a link to the Magazine Cover image). While this "satirical" cartoon may be protected under free speech, I think it is over the top. Sadly, people in this country formulate opinions from tiny sound-bites, how headlines are presented on the homepages of the internet, and distorted images like these. And, most people don't take the time to read the story that is behind these distortions.

I have objected to this kind of thing when it is done to George Bush and the members of his Administration; and, I most certainly think that this magazine's effort is a totally unfounded portrayal of Obama. Satire that highlights "true facts" about Obama is one thing. But this just gives credence to the rumor-mill that is designed to destroy Mr. Obama's character with false innuendos. Believe me, there are enough truths out there (Reverend Wright, etc.) to do a job on Obama's character without having to manufacture this type of unfounded and unfair crap about him and his wife.

Personally, I would hope that a number of "The New Yorker" subscribers are annoyed enough to cancel their subscriptions. Only then will that magazine learn it's lesson. Right now, they are getting a lot of press and attention over that cover. However, if I'm right, it will be a bad "economic" and "business" decision on their part.

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