Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to the Nanny State

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously decided to block any new business licenses for fast food chains in those areas of their city that "they" deem to be already "too fat" (See Full Story). Apparently, they seem think that that "cause" of obesity in those "fat areas" is the "availability" of what "they" say is unhealthy food and not, somehow, the underlying human psyche that causes people to overeat. Apparently, they think that their is no "personal responsibly" in people's actions. For that reason, the "mama" City Council of Los Angeles has come to the rescue.

This kind of action is just the beginning of the Nanny States of America. The liberals, who all talk about freedom, are set to take those things away from us that are, in their minds, bad for us. They are ready to punish us all for the faults of others. They have already gone to war over cigarette smoking and had some significant impact. Empowered, now, it's food; unhealthy fat foods and trans fat foods. Are you eating bacon and getting too many nitrates? What about those sugary sodas and cereals. Too much coffee? Is liquor next? What about gambling? You know, high heels can cause problems in women's backs and ankles. And, any sunscreen that is less than SPF 45 should be banned, too!

Obesity is a problem in this country. But, I have a clue for those politicians who think they control it by shutting down businesses. The expanse of Fast Food chains in this country is a "symptom" and not the cause. If someone is already fat, they are going to eat; whether or not a McDonald's is either open or nearby. They will get fat eating two or three or, even, four hot dogs at a time and in their own homes. Most fat people eat too much for the calories that they expend. A fat person will sit down and eat a whole 10 oz. bag of potato chips (or larger) and get 60 or 70 percent of their daily calorie intake along with double the fat intake for a normal person.

A lot of "the" fat problems we have in this country stem from the parents. All too often, parents use food to provide a form of "comfort" for their kids. A kid cries and they shove food into their mouths to either keep them quiet or to "comfort" them. Kids don't know what is happening to them. The are being conditioned. All they know is that "food" will make them feel better. At that age, they aren't thinking about heart problems, diabetes, etc. But, their parents should be. On top of that, the parents would rather their children "video game" than shoot hoops. In cutting back on expenses, school districts have eliminated or minimized physical education and recreational recess.

As you can see, over eating can be part of childhood conditioning. That conditioning drives the fast food restaurants. The Fast Food industry, in order to compete with each other, follows the demands of its customers. If the consumer wants "super size" and is willing to pay for it, the fast food-ers will oblige them in order to stay competitive. In America, Americans have demanded increasing serving sizes by rewarding those restaurants, who comply, by giving them their business. And, I'm sorry Los Angeles, it isn't the other way around!

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