Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Beg To Differ

In a recent interview (as always, on foreign soil), the political lefty and actor/director, Robert Redford, stated that he thinks "you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye" if Obama doesn't win (See Full Story). Mr. Redford should be more afraid of what could happen if Obama does win. He could, with his extremely left-wing ideas and his "progressive/socialistic" plans and with his lack of experience, create a unrecoverable disaster for this country; the Democrat Party; and, the future of having another Black President. Maybe for a long time. That's my take, Mr. Redford!

I suppose when Redford's through talking to the foreign press about all the ills of America, he can rush right back and make another anti-American film like his last success (I chuckle): The Lions for Lambs.

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