Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama Got Game? Yeah! A Con Game!

Sometimes you have to wonder: What are these media people smoking? The screen shot at the top of this blog entry is typical of the Associated Press (AP) headlines about Barack Obama's "rock concert" and his "B-ball tour" in Afghanistan/Iraq and parts of Europe. The laughable part of this headline is the use of the expression "fact-finding" to describe his trip. Normally, a logical and intelligent person (especially one that would be President) would do their research (first) and, then, formulate their strategy based on the facts that they "had" uncovered. But not Barack "B-ball Barry" Obama! Not him! Before he started his "fact-finding" trip, he released his conclusions in new policy speech (See Full Story).

I think this headline is typical of our national and very left-wing biased media. The AP has decided not to chide Obama on making policy before obtaining the facts. Instead, the casual and uniformed reader will look at a headline, like this, and think Obama is actually assessing the situation in order to develop a policy. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. This trip is a lot more about Obama building his resume of countries that he's played basketball in then collecting any facts. That's because Obama, The Magnificent, has already used his crystal ball (I supposed the one labeled Presidential Middle East facts) to develop his policy "before" he left on his facts-don't-have-any-bearing and I've-already-made-up-my-mind trip.

Of course this is so Obama. As an Illinois politician, without any of the "classified national intelligence" facts that were available to his fellow Democrats in Washington, he was able to say that he would "not" have voted for going to war in Iraq. My guess is that Barack used his crystal ball that was clearly labeled " for eyes-only" and "top secret Iraq intelligence" in coming to that decision.

In 2006, he said the Troop Surge wouldn't work and continued with that same opinion (even in 2008) when it was obvious that it "was" working. He said that the D.C. Gun Ban was constitutional before the Supreme Court decided to the contrary. I guess, sometimes, the Obama, The Magnificent, crystal balls aren't always as "crystal" as other times. But, that happens a lot with one of these fortune-teller types.

Usually, these "carny" acts rely on being "long gone" and "well out of town" before you can figure out that what they told you was just a big con-game. But, Obama (with a lot of help from our national media) has the "Audacity of Hope" that you are too stupid to figure this out! That takes a lot of "balls" and those aren't necessary crystal!

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