Friday, July 18, 2008

Will The Youth-Vote Propel Obama Into Office?

If you listen to the Democratic pundits, it's the youth-vote, a vote McCain just doesn't have, that will give Obama the Presidency. Well, if history does repeat itself, that is probably not the case.

Take a brief jump back to the 2004 election and you will see that the pollster, Zogby, was saying the same thing about John Kerry as late as October 2004; just days before the November elections (See Full Story). As you can see from that news release, Bush was being "trounced" on the youth-vote by a double-digit lead for Kerry: 55% to 40%. Of course, we all know, now, that the only way that John Kerry gets into the White House, since then, is by "invitation - only" or by taking one of the public White House tours.

The youth-vote is totally unpredictable. History has always proven them to have an extremely low voter turnout rate. And, I would think that will be the case this year, too!

Remember the following when you think about the youth-vote: Politics doesn't play well in an iPod; you can't find it in a 6-pack; you can't smoke it and get high; it makes a horrible "first-person-shoot-em' up " video game; and, except for a tiny percentage of fat old white guys in Washington D.C., it doesn't satisfy any sexual urges.

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