Saturday, July 5, 2008

When Moving to The Center is a Flatout Lie

If you had listened to Barack Obama on the campaign trail for the Democratic nomination, you would have heard him make this same comment, over and over again, about getting into and getting out of Iraq: Click to see Barack Obama campaign comments from March 2008. I think those on the anti-war left (and that's a lot Democrats), would have clearly interpreted from these comments that Barack Obama would, if elected, get out of Iraq in 2009.

Then, fast forward to Obama's official election 2008 website and you will see that his plans for Iraq are stated as a 16-month pullout: Click to see section on "Bringing Our Troops Home".

Now, last Thursday, it is being reported that Mr. Obama may "fine tune" his plans for getting out of Iraq once having met with the military commanders who are on the ground in that country: (See Full Story).

If I was Hillary Clinton, I would be fuming. In 2007, she was a "moderate" on getting out of Iraq. Then, in order to compete with the anti-war Obama message, she was "forced" to play the game of "Who can get out of Iraq the fastest?" Further, those on the left who voted for the Obama's cut-and-run-Iraq-promises should also be pissed too, because it is obvious that they were flatout lied to. All Obama did was "shake them down" for their votes! No real change or new kind of politics. Just old fashioned lie-to-em for votes politics. It is obvious that Barack Obama had no intention of any 2009 commitment. This was proven back in March '08 when his former adviser, Samantha Power, told the British press that Obama's commitment to pullout of Iraq was just a "best case scenario" being used for political purposes (See Full Story).

On Iraq; on NAFTA; on late-term abortion; on Israel; on Gun Control; and, on a number of other issues, Obama cannot be trusted. What he has said in the past isn't what he is saying now. You can call it "flip-flopping" or whatever, but, the reality is that no one (except Obama) actually knows where he stands on any issue. For me, the best indication of what he stands for is his limited voting record in the United States Senate. That record shows he was party-line left on every issue. He did not demonstrate his willingness to work with the other side (the Republicans). And, as far as being an "agent of change," it is obvious that he will "change" as often as necessary to get votes; and only God knows what he will actually do if he gets elected. (I guess that will all be up to the polls!) That's the only "change you can believe in" from Barack Obama! This guy is just a slick left-wing political machine in an attractive wrapper with a line of "bull S***" from here to the moon. As I said in another post in this blog, he is truly the "FlimFlam Man"
(See Full Story).

By the way, Barack's comments on "fine tuning" the Iraq pullout were clearly timed when there would be a National Holiday (the Fourth) and when most the news media would be somewhat "asleep" and, most importantly, along with its reading (voting) public.

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