Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama: The Prophet or Profit-Taker?

It is apparent that the "surge" has worked in Iraq and much of the violence and the killing has dissipated. It is also apparent that political environment has almost completely solidified with only "one" of the political "benchmarks" (as mandate by our Democratic Congress; last year) left to be done. That benchmark is the "formal" revenue sharing of oil profits by all of the religious factions within the country. (However, it should be noted that an "informal" revenue sharing distribution system has been in place for months now)

What is ironic, is that if Barack Obama is elected and takes office in 6 months, he will probably be able to remove the troops from Iraq; based on his 16-month schedule. This won't be because he was such a good strategist or some kind of prophet. Instead, it will be because the "surge" worked. A "surge" that Obama voted against and that John McCain had been calling for, for years, and which President Bush implemented late last year. For this reason, Mr. Obama will be the profit-taker in something that he had nothing to do with and in which he never had any ownership. Who said crime doesn't pay!

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