Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Hypocritical Left

All too often, political members of the Democratic party can't help but demonstrate their hypocrisy in "both" words and deeds. All those "high" ideals that they seem to preach to us (all the time), turn out to be just the "air" that's in the balloon.

One such example was Barack Obama's oratory last week on how "he" will seek equal pay for women if he's elected. Of course, right now, it appears he is a supreme "under-payer" of the women on his campaign staff (See Full Story). Sadly (for Obama), his supposed "uncaring" opponent, John McCain, actually pays his women staffers "more" than he pays his own men staffers. Doesn't that just turn "liberalism" versus "conservatism" on its head, Mr. Obama!

This kind of thing reminds me of a couple of other similar incidents.

One such "classic" was when John Edwards refused have a book signing event at Wal-Mart because that non-union shop didn't pay it's employees well and didn't provide health care benefits. Instead, he elected to follow the liberal and union line of reasoning and conduct his book signing at a nearby Barnes and Nobles. Of course, the brain-dead Democrat didn't realize that Barnes and Nobles, paid its employees substantially less per hour and, just like Wal-Mart, didn't provide automatic health care benefits, either. But, John stepped in it and, unfortunately, the local newspaper caught him in that hypocrisy. (See Full Story).

Another classic was when Teddy Kennedy (See Full Story) and his environmentalist nephew, RFK, Jr. (See Full Story), teamed up to stop the building of a windfarm off the coast of Massachusetts that was just a little too close to the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port. It took 5-1/2 years of maneuvering but the Kennedy's did it. They killed that "green collar" project that Obama keeps talking about. I love it when the Democrats say that drilling will take "too long" to solve our energy problems and our "future" is in wind and solar. Here is perfect case of why wind and solar won't go anywhere, either. If it weren't for environmentalists and environmental impact studies, a oil well can be drilled in 1 to 3 years; about what it would take to custom build and wire-up a windfarm or solar field.

Ah, the hypocrisy!

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