Friday, July 4, 2008

Fat Albert

Hey! Hey! Hey! Here comes Fat Albert (Gore).

Last year, a study showed that Al Gore's home uses as much energy in the first 20 days of every month than the average home in America uses in a whole year (See Full Story). Then, as a result of that scrutiny, Al went and reworked his home to be energy efficient. As a result of his energy saving techniques, his home energy bill actually went up 10% more than before (See Full Story).

This is just for his home lighting and heating bill. It doesn't include his "private jetting" from one place after another to "speak" on the ill effects of burning fossil fuels. Nor, does it include the gasoline tab for his entourage of of SUV's to motor from his private jet to his speaking engagements, hotels, and other speaking engagements. And, let's face it. If it weren't for the "promise" of Global Warming and the money Al's getting for his "energy saving" expertise, he wouldn't be able to afford to pay for the rising cost of jet fuel and gasoline. Isn't America great!

Of course, while you and I are trying to make ends meet by scraping together enough money to buy your next tank of gas, Al's getting big-time bucks to speak his piece and, while doing so, he's contributing to the shortage of oil and gasoline in the world. In this case, maybe we should "shoot" the messenger: old "Energy-Fat" Al (Not seriously. This is just a Joke!). Then there might be some fuel leftover for you and me!

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