Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hitting the Berlin Wall

In history, Berlin is best known for its famous "airlift" and the Berlin Wall.

For Obama, it is just same. He got his "airlift " of a 9-point lead in the Gallup polls a week after delivering his speech in Berlin. Now, figuratively, he has hit the Berlin Wall. After being back here, in America, for a just a week, he, now, has a miserly "one percent" lead in that same Gallup daily tracking poll. Poof! (Click to See the Chart)

No matter what the Obama pundits seem to think, I just don't think that Obama's arrogance and presumption of a Presidency is playing well to the American voter. As I have said many times in this blog, with a higher number of registered Democrats than Republicans in this country, Barack Obama should "naturally" hold at least a 9- point lead in the polls. But, he consistently doesn't. And, the only time he did, he could only hold that 9-point lead for a single day and, then, watch it dissipate to a near tie in less 4 days.

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