Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Soy, Boys!

According to another one of those limited studies, eating as much as a half-serving of soy per day could result in men having a lower sperm count (See Full Story). It's obvious, now, that macho men and men who want to be macho shouldn't be eating veggie burgers and washing it down with a swig of soy milk. That Tofu Turkey that Ray's mom made for Thanksgiving in Everybody Loves Raymond comes to mind. Frank had it right! Real men should eat real turkey for Thanksgiving.

The only problem with this whole soy thing is the country of China. Soy, especially tofu, is really big in China. With nearly 1.4 billion people, you've got to wonder how many people they "would have had" if they "hadn't been eating" all that "soy" over the last few centuries!

Image by voux's photostream on Flickr with Creative Commons Licensing (Click to View Other Works).

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