Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Babble!

In a recent speech that was designed to "buy" the Latino vote, Barack Obama said that our children should learn Spanish (See YouTube Video). In that video, he then claims that immigrants will naturally learn English; and, we don't have to worry about that. From there, he says our children should all become bi-lingual and they should all learn Spanish. If you really listen to what he is saying, he is saying that all immigrants, except for Spanish speaking ones, will learn English; so, we should learn to speak Spanish to compensate for those that won't.

He then makes his little "merci beaucoup" joke about Americans in Europe but really never claims we should learn French or German. Just Spanish. Maybe it's just me but, I think his logic, like a lot of his ideas, just stinks!

Please Note: Forget Spanish, French or German. I think Mr. Obama and the rest of us should learn to speak Chinese. They are sure to become the economic powerhouse in the world (See Full Story). A position that English-speaking American will ultimately lose in the future.

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