Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Figure!

In the seesaw battle over Global Warming, a new study has come out that shows Global Warming may be taking a faster chunk out of our ice layers. Just days before, I highlighted a news story that said that the ice sheets in Greenland may have slowed substatially or even reversed (See Full Story).

Now comes a story that the Antarctica ice conditions have worsened (even during the winter in the South pole) (See Full Story). Go figure! It's like I said in my above mentioned blog entry, it's like the study of coffee. Good for you one day. Bad the next.

Anyway, I would be unfair and biased if I didn't present the story on Antarctica's rapidly lessening ice sheets. It should be pointed out that the ice conditions in both Greenland and in Antarctica are isolated snapshots and neither might be symptomatic of anything other than a "localized" conditions. Neither may actually be true indicators of any worldwide condition. Further, neither proves or disproves that humans are at fault for Global Warming: A core issue as to the belief that our planet can be saved by less human intervention. I have never disputed the possibility of warmer worldwide temps. My issue has always been with the concept that humanity is the primary cause.

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