Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bridge to Nowhere Guy Might Have Found A Bridge to Somewhere. Like Jail!

Today, Alaska Republican, Senator Ted Stevens was indited for failing to disclose the possible improper use of funds (See Full Story). You'll remember Ted for his famous "Bridge to Nowhere" funding.

When it comes to ethics, the Republicans just "can't" stay out of court. If anyone should be blamed for losing both Houses of Congress, it should be themselves. Between over-spending and the taking of money under the table and lying to the Feds, the Republicans have got themselves a public relations nightmare. The pile of Republicans for ethics violations just keeps piling up. Scooter Libby. Duke Cunningham. Alphonso Jackson. Tom Delay. And, the list goes on!

While Ted Stevens has been only indicted, the timing of his "court activities" is terrible. It comes just 3 months before the general election where Republicans may lose 20 or more House seats and 5 or more seats in the Senate. And, God only knows how it may impact John McCain's election hopes!

Image is official government photo and is in the public domain.

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